Minilift & Facelift

The natural aging process changes how we appear. As we age the subcutaneous  fatpads and the bone in the face decrease in the area of the cheeks and jaws, the face loses it´s youthful fullness. At the beginning of this process, a lipolifting  which is a combination of lipofilling and a liposuction can restore the jawline.

In case of skin excess at the jaw line a minilift reshapes the facial contour. The deeper layers of the skin are liftend giving the face a natural look without appearing stretched. The incisions are almost invisible, running from the temple down towards the ear.  The minilift is done under local anaesthesia in an outpatients procedure.

If there is skin excess on the lower neck as well, a full-facelift under general anaesthesia will be the procedure of choice. Facelifting-procedures are often combined with a lipofilling to restore the volumeloss in the face.

The checklists contain detailed information on treatment procedures and costs.